About Us

The San Luis Valley Law Firm was formed in 2010. Matthew Hobbs began his career as in-house counsel at the University of Colorado in 2001. He went into private practice in 2004 in the San Luis Valley. Since then, Mr. Hobbs has represented numerous local governments, individuals, and businesses; he has litigated over 200 civil cases in federal and state courts ranging from complex real estate disputes, foreclosures, fraud, contract disputes, wrongful death, employment, auto accidents, civil rights claims involving excessive police force, and election contests. He also handles matters related to real estate transactions, estate planning, probate, and business formation and governance.

The firm has the following areas of practice:
Civil Litigation,
Civil Rights,
Commercial Litigation,
Estate Planning
Land Use and Zoning,
Local Government,
Personal Injury and Wrongful Death,
Real Estate

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